New Vinyl Liners and Remodeled Pools

Remodelled pools by Allstar Pool & Spa

New Vinyl Liners and Remodeled Pools in Birmingham, AL You have this sinking feeling that the time may be coming that you’re going to have to replace your vinyl liner . You’re losing water but you can’t find out where it’s coming from, the liners so bleached it’s nearly white, or the liner just looks so bad it’s an eyesore in your backyard. You’re not alone! It happens to everyone every eight to ten years.

You may have a few thoughts running through you mind. How much is this going to cost? What pattern will work the best? How thick should the liner be? Should I install the liner myself? How can I repair that hole in the bottom. Well, let’s see if we can answer these questions.

Cost is always a concern. Yes, installing a new liner can be quite expensive at times. We work to make sure we are as competitive as possible with our pricing. We want you to be confident that the value we strive to create matches the payment you make for your liner and install. We work to be as accountable as possible with all of our customers and see to it that all jobs are done to your satisfaction.

Questions involving pattern and thickness are always great to hear. AllStar Pool & Spas has a great depth of different patterns and thicknesses that are sure to suit you and your backyard. Everything from your traditional blue, aquatic patterns to darker, river rock patterns. The choice is yours to make! Come in to one of our locations or go to our website to look through all the vinyl patterns we offer. It is absolutely amazing what a new liner will do for your pool. It is sure to make it look brand spanking new again. Even if you’ve got an older pool, a new liner will put a shine on it like you haven’t seen in years!

Should you install it yourself? Well, putting a new liner in is no easy accomplishment. Your pool may look just like your neighbors, but it is so much different. They may not have the same depth, corner radiuses, step installation, ladders, etc. What this means is no pool is the same. That’s why you should trust our experiences professionals to measure your pool to make sure it fits the first time. Our experts know exactly what to do to make your old, dilapidated, faded liner is removed and replaced with a new, bright, gorgeous liner. Trust us, we’re here to help!