Creating a Vanishing Edge Pool

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As you begin to think about having your own swimming pool in Birmingham, consider all of the design possibilities that are available to you. You might want to combine the benefits of a swimming pool and a spa and have a swim spa installed, or you may prefer the look of an above ground pool. A vanishing edge pool is an elegant choice for your yard, so watch this video to learn more about what it takes to create one.

Vanishing edge pools are sometimes known as illusion pools since they create the illusion that the pool has no finite ending. This is an excellent choice for a pool when you have a view you don’t want to obstruct, such as hills or a valley. If you have your yard fenced in close to your pool, a vanishing edge may not be the right choice as it is just the fence that will be reflected on the pool’s surface. You can erect structures around the pool to maintain your privacy while still enjoying incredible views.