Swim Spas in Birmingham & Gardendale

Enjoy The Energizing Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

In addition to offering Gardendale and Birmingham pools and spas, we also provide swim spas to fit your needs. Swim spas combine the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub with the fun of a traditional pool! Owners have the option to enjoy the comforts with warm water jets as well as space to enjoy the same water-based activities of a full-size pool in a more compact design. While large enough to accommodate a number of people, swim spas are easier to maintain than traditional pools because of their size. Although all swim spas are easier to install than full-size pools, above ground models are also portable so you can keep your swim spa routine mobile!

Relieve Your Pain with Our Therapeutic Swim Spas

Hydrotherapy is a long-standing therapeutic method of using the advantages of water buoyancy, pressure, and temperature to relieve pain and help the healing process. The same physical features of water can also be utilized for exercise. The buoyancy of water allows for aerobic exercise without the joint stress of other activities like running and jogging.

We offer the following swim spas:

  • Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas: These sleek, premium line of swim and fitness spas are unlike any swim spa that has come before. The inspirational lines and curves are integral to its technical achievement and critical acclaim.
  • H2X Swim Spas: The H2X premium jetted swim and fitness spa provides sleek styling and features that include flat floors, spirited jets, and form-fitting seats. Master Spas, a trusted leader in home spa technology, provides expert design and craftsmanship you can enjoy with true peace of mind.

A home swim spa encourages exercise in a convenient and enjoyable manner. With jets that can be adjusted for various speeds, swim spas give swimmers the ability to swim laps without turning. Jets can be increased to provide more resistance for more experienced swimmers, or set lower for beginners. AllStar Pool & Spa Birmingham (Trussville) has a private showroom where you and your family can take a swim in these swim spas. To learn more about our swim spas, call us at (205) 655-8870 (Birmingham) or (205) 608-3556 (Gardendale).

What Make Us Unique?

  • AllStar Pools is a Locally Family Owned and Operated Business
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