Above Ground Pools vs. Swim Spas

In the past, there were relatively few choices when it came to installing small swimming pools. Today, however, homeowners can choose the exact size and style of pool that they want, allowing for greater convenience and flexibility. AllStar Pool & Spa offers a variety of home pool options in Birmingham, AL, including both above ground pools and swim spas.

Advantages of an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are smaller and thus more flexible than many other types of swimming pools; if you’re dissatisfied with the location of your above ground pool, you can easily disassemble it and move it to a different part of your backyard. They are easier to maintain than many swimming pools, and they are also much easier to keep safe from children and pets. If you’re looking to install a backyard swimming pool without the time, cost, and inconvenience of installing a traditional pool, an above ground pool is a smart choice.

Advantages of a Swim Spa

As with above ground pools, swim spas can provide their owners with a fun and relaxing way to wind down that the entire family can enjoy. However, swim spas offer an added benefit in the form of therapeutic value. A swim spa can soothe your muscles and relieve your pain, which can be particularly appealing to athletes and seniors. You can also enjoy many of the same activities you would enjoy in any other type of swimming pool in a swim spa, but the swim spa will not take up as much of your yard.

Differences Between an Above Ground Pool and a Swim Spa

  • Swim spas can be placed indoors, which can be an advantage if you have space in your home for an indoor pool. Above ground pools come in a variety of shapes and designs, so they are easy to incorporate into a backyard space.
  • Swim spas have an active current provided by warm water jets, which can be used for both relaxing and for exercising. Above ground pools can be enhanced with many of the same features that come with traditional swimming pools.
  • Swim spas are generally smaller than above ground pools. If you decide to install an above ground pool, it’s important that you have enough stable ground on your property to provide a level base for the pool.

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