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Experts in Above Ground Pools and Vinyl Liners

The professional team at Allstar Pool & Spa is equipped with years of experience providing our customers with above-ground pools. There’s nothing quite like the relaxed, refreshing feeling of a summertime pool to add a blast of fun to your outdoor activities, enhance the quality of your yard, and bring your family and friends together. That’s why we’re passionate about bringing a wide selection of high-end above-ground pools to you.

Above-ground pools come with many benefits. Aside from providing fun in the sun, above-ground pools can increase your property value, and they are much easier to install and maintain than an underground pool. You can experience all the enjoyment without hassles by considering above ground for your home.

Some of the main benefits include:

  • You’ll spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying your outdoor space.
  • Our team can quickly perform installations, saving your time, money, and energy.
  • You can remove or relocate your pool at any time. There’s little to no obligation.
  • Above-ground pools are typically much less expensive than investing in an underground pool.
  • We can easily modify safety features to protect your children or pets better.

Above Ground Pool Installation in St. Clair County

We’re here to ensure that your installation is performed smoothly. Clients trust our experts most to guide them throughout the installation process and help them make the best choices for their homes and family.

Our team specializes in customizable pools that meet the specific needs of our customers. We will help you and your family design the pool of your dreams with the help of design experts, devising a pool with aesthetics and functionality in mind. You can design and choose from various swim spas, pool decks, and beyond to complete your outdoor experience.

We’re experts who can assist you in all aspects of your above-ground pool, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and more. We can also offer tips and tricks for how you can care for your pool, the best place to put your pool, and more.

Here’s why we’re the right choice for your installation:

  • We’ll help you choose the proper spot for your pool while providing flexibility and options.
  • Our team is quick and efficient. You can feel confident knowing that we’ll be in and out in no time.
  • We offer flexible pricing options that adhere to your budget for an affordable yet quality pool.
  • Our pools are customized with simple maintenance in mind. Efficiency is a top priority for us.
  • You can feel at peace knowing your children and pets are safe with customizable safety features.

Vinyl Pool Liner Installation and Replacement

Liners are a vital component of above-ground and inground pools. That’s why you only want the finest professionals to ensure a successful installation and repair.

Our team makes the process easy and efficient. We’re equipped to custom design liners that fit your pool perfectly. If you want to restore your pool to its original condition, replacing or installing your liner is an effective way to do so. We’ll perform precise measurements and install your new liner so it fits seamlessly with the rest of your pool. If your liner needs a severe or minor repair, we’re here to deliver.

Other Products and Services We Offer Our Customers

We also offer our customers the following products and services:

  • Doughboy pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Swim Spas

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