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H2X: Water to the Extreme

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Our Birmingham pool and spa company offers the H2X premium jetted swim and fitness spa by Master Spas, a trusted leader in home spa technology. If you enjoy swimming as a form of exercise, our swim spa provides you with the opportunity to enjoy aquatic exercise any day of the year! In addition, these swim spas can also be used for therapeutic purposes as well.

The H2X spa provides lustrous styling and features that include:

  • Flat floors
  • Spirited jets
  • Form-fitting seats

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Whether you use your spa for fitness, family enjoyment, therapy, or relaxation, this extraordinary swim and fitness spa offers something for everyone. With an H2X, staying fit is only a few steps away. With a flat floor and no hidden obstacles, you can jog in place or utilize the H2Xercise System to increase benefits of resistance training. An optional ProSwim harness is also available for swimmers to practice their stroke! Request more information by calling us at (205) 655-8870 (Birmingham) or (205) 608-3556 (Gardendale).

Trainer 19 Deep

H2X Swim Spa - Trainer 19 Deep

Dimensions 231' x 94' x 60'

Water Capacity 2,270 Gallons

Dry Weight 2,900 lbs.

Propulsion System 4 Flow Stream Swim Jets

Pumps 4

Jets 48 (incl. 4 Flow Stream Jets)

Laminar Flow 6

LED Lights

Ozone System

Trainer 19

H2X Swim Spa: Trainer 19

Dimensions: 231"x94"x51"

Water Capacity: 2,040 gallons

Dry Weight: 2,460 pounds

Pumps: 4

Jets: 48

Water Falls: 7

LED Lights

Ozone System

Trainer 18

H2X Swim Spa: Trainer 18

Dimensions 215" x 94" x 60"

Water Capacity 2,500 Gallons

Dry Weight 3,240 lbs.

Propulsion System 4 Flow Stream Swim Jets

Pumps 2

Jets 43 (incl. 4 Flow Stream Jets)

Waterfalls 1

Swim Pro Anchor Standard

LED Lights

Ozone System

Trainer 17

H2X Swim Spa: Trainer 17

Dimensions: 201"x94"x51"

Water Capacity: 1,925 gallons

Dry Weight: 2,700 pounds

Pumps: 2

Jets: 45

Water Falls: 2

ED Lighting

Ozone System

Trainer 14

H2X Swim Spa: Trainer 14

Dimensions: 174"x94"x51"

Water Capacity: 1,425 gallons

Dry Weight: 2,260 pounds

Pumps: 2

Jets: 55

Waterfalls: 2

LED Lighting

Ozone System

Trainer 12

H2X Swim Spa: Trainer 12

Dimensions: 144"x94"x51"

Water Capacity: 1,300 gallons

Dry Weight: 1,620 pounds

Pumps: 2

Jets: 55

LED Lighting

Ozone System

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