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Doughboy Above Ground Pools Give You Quality That Lasts for Life

Pools make the perfect addition to your home. They add undeniable appeal, fun, resale value, and relief from hot southern summer days. But installing an in-ground pool can often be too costly, and most above ground pools don’t offer the stability, longevity, and looks you want. AllStar Pool & Spa offers a better option through the unmatched durability, quality, and customized design of a Doughboy pool installation. Since 1983, our company has been working with customers in Birmingham, AL, to offer a pool for all seasons for almost every budget. Doughboy pools are among the most adaptable pools on the market today, giving our customers unparalleled strength, fast and easy assembly, customization, and an in-ground installation at above ground affordability. Contact All Star today for your estimate.

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The Benefits of Doughboy Above Ground Pools

There are many choices out there for above ground pools. When you want unsurpassed efficiency, durability, and a tailored look all your own, only a Doughboy above ground pool from AllStar will do. For over seven decades, homeowners have chosen Doughboy pools for their outstanding American-made craftsmanship, eye-catching style, and unlimited personalization. Choosing a Doughboy above ground pool gives you advantages other options do not, including:

  • Stunning Design: Doughboy above ground pools can match the unique look of your home. The virgin vinyl liner material and wall styles come in a broad array of decorative patterns, including Doughboy’s patented Autumn Breeze, Saratoga, Summerville, Evening Star, and Misty Falls looks. Doughboy pools also offer a sleek, seamless, corrosion-resistant one-piece enclosure with no exposed screws and a stylish tapered design. There are no unsightly hold-down plats, buttress diagonals, or caps, and Doughboy pools require only one cinderblock or concrete pad for installation for a blended, subtle look you’ll love.
  • Stability: Rock-solid stability is where a Doughboy pool truly shines. Installations use more top rails and vertical legs than almost any other pool to ensure the highest safety levels. The heavy-gauge steel bottom rails are proven to be stronger than their stainless or plastic counterparts, and the rugged resin components work in collaboration for maximum durability, even under heavy use. Combine those elements with the oval support system and the specialized protective epoxy coatings applied to the pool walls and top rails, and you have the best defense against corrosion, abrasion, and condensation any pool can get.         
  • Customization: What if you could have an in-ground pool at an above ground price? With Doughboy, you can. Doughboy pools are one of the only above ground pools available built strong enough to be buried in the ground! As the world’s most versatile pool, they can be fabricated to fit your backyard, offering a nearly limitless variety of round, oval, and special order sizes up to 44’x12′ and a varying depth of up to 7′. Best of all, all Doughboy pools come with a 100% lifetime replacement warranty to give you total peace of mind.
  • Easy Assembly: In-ground pool installations can take weeks, even months to complete. Doughboys give you a dazzling, fully functional pool you can show off in a fraction of the time. The Uni-Fit top rails and verticals eliminate the need for separate side and end rails and make assembly a snap. Doughboy pools also feature a newly designed fastening system for maximum strength, greater wall stability, and faster, easier construction.   
Doughboy above ground pool in Birmingham

A Brief History of Doughboy Pools Above Ground Pools

To understand the outstanding advantages Doughboy pools offer today, you have to look at the history of artistry and innovation that made them so sought after from the beginning. First developed by Domain Industries in the 1940s and ’50s, Doughboy pools have been the name in timeless quality for more than 70 years. Today, Doughboy pools are synonymous with longevity, low-maintenance, custom construction, and safety. Here at AllStar Pool and Spa, we use Doughboy’s most advanced pool features and techniques to provide you with effortless assembly, superior resistance to rust and weather, and customizable ThermaSeal liner designs to suit your tastes. We invite you to discover everything we can do for your pool construction, and contact us for your estimate.

Why Work with AllStar Pool & Spa?

When savvy homeowners are looking to add the ideal water feature, they come to AllStar Pool & Spa in Birmingham, AL, for the ultimate install experience. From first selection to final follow up, all of our associates go beyond standard service levels to give you the customization, top-quality parts, and assistance you expect from the best. In addition to the superior sales and services, there are many reasons why you should call us first when deciding to put a pool in your backyard:

  • Over 90 Years of Combined Experience in Pool and Hot Tub Industry
  • BBB A+ Rated Company
  • Full Pool and Spa Products and Services
  • Flex Financing Available
  • Free In-Store Water Analysis
  • And more

Contact Us for Your Pool Installation Estimate

Why pay thousands more for an in-ground pool when a Doughboy above ground pool gives you so much more? AllStar has worked with Doughboy from the beginning, and we have perfected our services to do more for you. Talk to the pool and spa experts from AllStar and get the ultimate sales, service, and installation experience you deserve. Get in touch with us today for your estimate.

What Make Us Unique?

  • AllStar Pools is a Locally Family Owned and Operated Business
  • Opened in 1983
  • Over 90 Years Combined Experience in Pool and Hot Tub Industry
  • BBB A+ Rated Company
  • Full Pool and Spa Products and Service
  • Flex Financing Available!
  • Free In-Store Water Analysis