• Create an Outdoor Space Around Your Above Ground Pool

    Above ground pools—such as swim spa installations in Birmingham, AL—can make beautiful additions to your backyard. In addition to having a useful and attractive swimming pool, you can create a fun and engaging outdoor space around the pool. Here is a quick look at the different ways you can turn a simple pool or swim spa installation into a backyard oasis:

    • You can install raised decking around your pool. This decking can be used for chairs, tables, and grills. Having these elements located near your pool will make it an appealing area for family and friends to gather during a party.
    • You may also install different types of landscaping around your above ground pool. Large trees, bushes, and hardscape structures can line the areas around the pool.

    If you want the entire family to participate in outdoor fun together, then install a volleyball net over your above ground pool or a basketball hoop next to your swim spa installation. These are easy ways to engage your kids with fun exercise outside.

    Outdoor Space Around Your Above Ground Pool