• Try Out Something New with Your Vinyl Pool Liner Replacement

    One of the drawbacks to building an inground pool is that you often cannot change the way it looks. Thankfully, that is not the case with pool liners in Birmingham, AL. You can update and change the look of your swim spa and pool with a vinyl pool liner replacement . Vinyl pool liners will typically last about 20 years, but you may want a change or need a replacement in that time. Use this opportunity to try out something new.

    Pool liners are manufactured in such a way that they can represent any tiled, sanded, or pebbled look that you might find in a typical inground pool. They can also come in a multitude of colors, designs, and styles. For example, if you want to update your pool or spa to look like a Grecian bathhouse, then you may try the pebbled waves of a Riverside or Santa Barbara pool liner. If you are looking for something simple, then try out a Rio or Sedona pool liner. In case you want a truly exotic-looking pool, then install a Monterrey or Baja liner. You cannot go wrong with the many pool liner choices available to you.

    Pool Liner Replacement in Birmingham, AL

  • The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl to Line Your Pool

    Pool liners are designed to create a waterproof seal on the interior of your pool, while also boosting the style and appeal of your swimming pool space. When you are looking for an affordable and easy to install solution for your pool liner needs, it is a good idea to consider a vinyl liner installation. With services from a company that offers vinyl pool replacement in Birmingham, you will be able to update your current pool liner with a durable vinyl product. Let’s explore the three top benefits of choosing vinyl to line your pool.

    Easy Affordability Benefits of Choosing Vinyl to Line Pools

    When you are updating your above ground pool on a budget, you may want to consider purchasing a vinyl pool liner. Unlike other pool lining materials, such as concrete, vinyl is a very cost-effective option for your residential swimming pool. Since vinyl is constructed from affordable materials, this type of liner is very inexpensive to produce. Overall, you will find that you save money when you go with vinyl for your pool lining needs.

    Simple Maintenance

    In order to protect your swimming pool investment, you will need to maintain your pool with routine cleaning and other procedures. A vinyl pool liner will save you time and energy on your pool maintenance by being very simple and easy to clean. In order to maintain a vinyl pool liner, you will need to remove buildup from the surface using a pool vacuum. Using the right chemicals will also help you keep your pool liner properly maintained.

    Versatile Design

    No matter what shape you have dreamt up for your above ground pool installation, you will be able to find a vinyl pool liner that matches your design. Vinyl pool liners are available in a large assortment of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple circles and rectangles to uniquely curvy shapes. A team of vinyl pool liner installation professionals will be able to source the right liner shape for your new pool.

  • How to Select the Perfect Pool Liner

    Whether you are planning on installing a new above ground pool in your home, or your current pool is in need of an update, it is important to choose a quality pool liner. With a pool liner that is both functional and stylish, you can feel great knowing that your pool will remain in fantastic condition for all of your recreational needs. By working with a company that offers vinyl liner replacement in Birmingham, AL, you will be able to select the perfect vinyl liner for your pool . Below you’ll see some factors that will guide you toward the right liner for your pool upgrade or installation.

    Cost How to Select the Perfect Pool Liner in Birmingham, AL

    When you are planning any project related to pool installation or renovation, your budget will be among the most important considerations. Overlap pool liners that will cover the walls of your pool and stay in place with a series of coping clips will be one of the most cost-effective choices, making this type of liner perfect for projects with tighter budget constraints.

    Pool Size

    The shape and size of your pool will be important to think about when you select a liner. Naturally, you will want the liner to fit perfectly into your pool so that you do not experience slippage and other issues. With options like the J-hook pool liner, you can ensure a strong and secure seal that will keep the liner in place every time you go for a swim.

    Installation Process

    Most pool liners are simple to install when you work with a professional pool company specializing in vinyl liner replacements. Still, you might opt for the most hassle-free liner installation, which will come with beaded pool liners. These liners will snap into a track system with bead receivers, which secure the pool liner at multiple contact points rather than hooking onto the rim of the pool.

  • A Look at the Steps of Vinyl Liner Replacement

    Pool liners are designed to protect the sides of your above ground pool from water damage and other issues. Over the years and seasons, above ground pool liners will experience natural wear and tear. In order to keep your pool in fantastic condition, it is a great idea to schedule vinyl liner replacement in Birmingham, AL . With a professional vinyl linter replacement from a team of pool repair professionals, you can make sure that your pool is ready for all of your summer fun. To help you gear up for your pool repairs, here is a closer look at the steps of vinyl liner replacement.

    Vinyl Liner Replacement in Birmingham, AL Measuring the Walls

    The first step of vinyl pool liner replacement is to measure the walls of your above ground pool. In order to make sure that your pool liner provides you with the perfect fit, you will need to measure the height and length of your pool’s walls. When taking measurements of your above ground pool walls, your technician may use dimensions from the exterior of your pool to ensure accuracy.

    Inspecting for Damage

    After the walls have been measured, your technician may recommend that you take the time to schedule a full inspection of the quality and condition of your pool’s walls. If your above ground pool walls show any signs of damage or wear, they should be repaired before the new liner is put into place. By taking the time to make sure that your pool is in great condition, you can rest assured that your pool liner will remain properly installed for many seasons to come.

    Placing the New Liner

    After the pool has been inspected, your technician will be ready to place your new vinyl liner. In order to make sure that your vinyl liner remains in place, your technician will align your liner with markers around your pool. After the liner has been put into place, it can be carefully snapped into the liner bead. With your new vinyl liner installation, you will be ready to enjoy your above ground pool throughout the hottest days of summer.

  • New Vinyl Liners and Remodeled Pools

    New Vinyl Liners and Remodeled Pools in Birmingham, AL You have this sinking feeling that the time may be coming that you’re going to have to replace your vinyl liner . You’re losing water but you can’t find out where it’s coming from, the liners so bleached it’s nearly white, or the liner just looks so bad it’s an eyesore in your backyard. You’re not alone! It happens to everyone every eight to ten years.

    You may have a few thoughts running through you mind. How much is this going to cost? What pattern will work the best? How thick should the liner be? Should I install the liner myself? How can I repair that hole in the bottom. Well, let’s see if we can answer these questions.

    Cost is always a concern. Yes, installing a new liner can be quite expensive at times. We work to make sure we are as competitive as possible with our pricing. We want you to be confident that the value we strive to create matches the payment you make for your liner and install. We work to be as accountable as possible with all of our customers and see to it that all jobs are done to your satisfaction.

    Questions involving pattern and thickness are always great to hear. AllStar Pool & Spas has a great depth of different patterns and thicknesses that are sure to suit you and your backyard. Everything from your traditional blue, aquatic patterns to darker, river rock patterns. The choice is yours to make! Come in to one of our locations or go to our website to look through all the vinyl patterns we offer. It is absolutely amazing what a new liner will do for your pool. It is sure to make it look brand spanking new again. Even if you’ve got an older pool, a new liner will put a shine on it like you haven’t seen in years!

    Should you install it yourself? Well, putting a new liner in is no easy accomplishment. Your pool may look just like your neighbors, but it is so much different. They may not have the same depth, corner radiuses, step installation, ladders, etc. What this means is no pool is the same. That’s why you should trust our experiences professionals to measure your pool to make sure it fits the first time. Our experts know exactly what to do to make your old, dilapidated, faded liner is removed and replaced with a new, bright, gorgeous liner. Trust us, we’re here to help!

  • Why Hire a Professional for Vinyl Liner Installation

    It’s almost vinyl liner replacement season. There’s going to be a lot of people, maybe even your neighbor that will buy their liner online. While there are a lot of things that make sense to buy online, a pool liner is not one of them.

    Swimming Pool Vinyl Liners at AllStar Pool & Spa

    We always try our best to give our best advice to all our customers. So, here’s another piece of that advice. Make the choice to hire our professional experts to install your liner. We stand behind our products AND installation. If you choose to go with an online retailer, you’re going to be dealing with someone sitting in an office somewhere not even close to your pool. They can’t professionally measure your pool, install the liner, and if there’s a problem…well it’s really just become your problem. So, when it comes down to it, all an online company can offer you is the liner itself. Having said this, we would welcome an opportunity to measure and install your vinyl liner. We work to make sure the liner fits the first time giving you peace of mind. Having someone with experience take on the task of replacing your vinyl liner is worth the weight of the liner in gold. We mean it! Think about how much more expensive it would be if the liner you ordered online doesn’t fit. Good luck getting a refund after you’ve already pulled it out of the box and unfolded it! Every pool is different. That’s why there is no guessing when it comes to measurements when you work with us.

    Our experienced installers meticulously measure your pool so your liner fits right and fits the first time. You may even be concerned about the shape of your pool and how in the world you could get a new liner to fit. Well, that’s the great thing about having a vinyl liner pool. No matter the shape, depth, or angle, we can measure and make sure your liner fits great! Another great benefit is the long lasting characteristics of vinyl. Its ability to flex and withstand the weather are great benefits of having your vinyl liner pool. With these traits, vinyl liners can last up to 12 years of enjoyment and fun for you and your family. You can also pick from a near endless variety of colors, patterns, thicknesses, and shades that best fit your pool and patio area. So, when it comes down to it, we believe vinyl is the best choice for you and your pool.

  • What You Need to Know About Vinyl Liners

    Vinyl liners are one of the key style elements for your above-ground pool. Vinyl pool liners protect your pool while creating the look you want for your backyard space, but many people know very little about liners until they actually invest in a swimming pool. If you are in the market for pool liners near Birmingham, AL, here is what you need to know.

    Fit Is Everything Vinyl Pool Liners in Birmingham, AL
    Getting the right fit for your vinyl liner should be your primary concern. Poorly fitted pool liners can look wrinkled, leak, and even cause damage to your pool by allowing dirt to get trapped in the wrinkled areas. Even if they don’t cause any problems, liners that don’t fit properly wear out faster and need to be replaced more often. The best way to get the right liner for your swimming pool is to work with a local company that can precisely measure your pool for you to ensure you get the best fit.

    Professional Installation Matters
    Although it is possible to order a vinyl pool liner online, most above-ground pool owners struggle to install their own liners. Not only is the job tedious, but improper installation also leaves your pool at risk. Above-ground pool liners help to protect your pool from the elements, but when they are not installed properly, they leave your pool vulnerable to weather damage and more. Professional installers will ensure your liner is placed correctly the first time so you can avoid complications as well as costly and time-consuming repairs.

    Design Options Are Nearly Limitless
    Your vinyl liner is your way to put your stamp on your above-ground pool. Liners come in a variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses to help you get the look you want. For instance, choose sandy colored vinyl tiles to cast an aqua tone reminiscent of Caribbean islands on your pool water or deep blue vinyl to create vividly colored water. Your pool professional can help you match your liner to backyard style.