• Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Pool?

    Owning an above ground pool, swim spa, or hot tub in Birmingham, AL provides great benefits, like improved health and family fun. You cannot experience these swim spa benefits, though, if you are making frequent mistakes that damage your pool. Regular care and equipment repairs are important to the overall look and function of your pool installation. Let’s take a look at common swimming pool mistakes you should avoid.

    Mistake #1: You do not provide consistent pool care. Common Mistakes With Pools in Birmingham, AL

    Consistent pool care is essential to the life and function of your pool, hot tub, or swim spa installation. If you do not regularly skim, vacuum, and brush your pool, then it will collect dirt and debris that could lead to significant damages. If you do not test the water for pH and alkaline levels on a weekly basis, then you risk algae and harmful bacteria collecting in your water. Speak with your pool installer about the appropriate methods and times to care for your pool.

    Mistake #2: You do not repair or replace pool equipment.

    Your pool’s filter and pump are some of the most important pieces of equipment, and they should run for at least eight hours per day to sufficiently clean the pool water. Running this essential equipment so frequently can lead to normal wear and tear issues. If you do not repair or replace these vital pieces of equipment, then you risk more repair costs to your pool and water. Keep other cleaning equipment—such as a vacuum and brush—in good shape as well. These items keep your pool’s liner in good shape.

    Mistake #3: You do not maintain your pool’s liner.

    A pool’s liner is crucial to the pool’s proper functioning and appearance. If your pool is not cleaned regularly, then the liner is at risk of tearing, fading, and discoloration. If you do notice a tear or defect in your liner, then speak with your installer about replacing it. Defective liners can lead to high costs and damages to the rest of your pool.

  • What to Know About Doughboy Above Ground Pools

    There are many types of above ground pools, such as Doughboy pools and swim spa installations. When you choose Doughboy for your above ground pool in Birmingham, AL, you will receive a strong, durable, and portable swimming pool. These qualities make your above ground pool exceptional, but Doughboy becomes even better with the addition of a deeper swimming area. Read on to learn more about Doughboy above ground pools .

    They are strong swimming pools.

    Doughboy above ground pools are one of the strongest installations available. They are made with steel frames and several protective layers and coatings that will resist corrosion. Doughboy also offers a resin pool frame that is exceptionally strong and durable. Either choice will be a stable and long-lasting swimming pool in your backyard.

    They come with a deep swimming area.

    Doughboy Above Ground Pools

    Unlike other above ground pools, hot tubs, and swim spa installations, Doughboy pools come with the option for a deep swimming area. These pools are already large and deep, but a qualified pool installer can install your pool up to seven feet deep into the ground. The deeper area will be a gradual decline in the pool, but it can provide even more fun for you and your family.

    They can last for decades.

    Due to the strong steel or resin frames, Doughboy pools have been found to last for more than 25 years. Doughboy utilizes high-quality, durable materials that will keep your pool frame, pool liner, and pool equipment working for several years without repair or replacement. This will equal a great return on your Doughboy investment.

    They are portable swimming pools.

    Doughboy above ground pools were made with portability in mind. If you choose to move, you can bring your Doughboy pool with you. The frame and walls can be disassembled easily, and you can move your pool without difficulty. You will have to replace your pool liner, but your qualified pool installer can help you choose and install the right liner.

  • A Look at Doughboy Pools

    For more than six decades, Doughboy has been a leading manufacturer of above ground swimming pools. When you watch this video, you will take a tour of some of the terrific advantages that Doughboy fiberglass pools can provide to your family. The team at Doughboy Pools is committed to outperforming the competition and providing their customers with the best in longevity and safety. A company that offers fiberglass swimming pools in Birmingham can provide you with more information about the advantages of a Doughboy Pool installation.

    To learn about the features that Doughboy fiberglass pools have to offer your family, do not hesitate to get in contact with your pool installation expert. Your above ground swimming pool will allow you and your loved ones to create a lifetime of memories.

  • The Causes of Pool Liner Stains

    Pool liner stains can be an unsightly nuisance for any homeowner. When you notice stains on your vinyl pool liner, it is a good idea to determine the precise cause of the staining. For example, black stains can either be caused by metal deposits or algae. If your black stains have a slick feeling to them, you may have an algae problem. A company that specializes in vinyl liner installation near Birmingham, AL can help you determine the precise issue with your pool liner. Whether your staining is caused by algae or metals, a professional technician can help you get to the bottom of the use. For more information about the causes of pool liner stains, check out this video from SwimmingPool.com.

  • A Look at the Steps of Vinyl Liner Replacement

    Pool liners are designed to protect the sides of your above ground pool from water damage and other issues. Over the years and seasons, above ground pool liners will experience natural wear and tear. In order to keep your pool in fantastic condition, it is a great idea to schedule vinyl liner replacement in Birmingham, AL . With a professional vinyl linter replacement from a team of pool repair professionals, you can make sure that your pool is ready for all of your summer fun. To help you gear up for your pool repairs, here is a closer look at the steps of vinyl liner replacement.

    Vinyl Liner Replacement in Birmingham, AL Measuring the Walls

    The first step of vinyl pool liner replacement is to measure the walls of your above ground pool. In order to make sure that your pool liner provides you with the perfect fit, you will need to measure the height and length of your pool’s walls. When taking measurements of your above ground pool walls, your technician may use dimensions from the exterior of your pool to ensure accuracy.

    Inspecting for Damage

    After the walls have been measured, your technician may recommend that you take the time to schedule a full inspection of the quality and condition of your pool’s walls. If your above ground pool walls show any signs of damage or wear, they should be repaired before the new liner is put into place. By taking the time to make sure that your pool is in great condition, you can rest assured that your pool liner will remain properly installed for many seasons to come.

    Placing the New Liner

    After the pool has been inspected, your technician will be ready to place your new vinyl liner. In order to make sure that your vinyl liner remains in place, your technician will align your liner with markers around your pool. After the liner has been put into place, it can be carefully snapped into the liner bead. With your new vinyl liner installation, you will be ready to enjoy your above ground pool throughout the hottest days of summer.

  • Touring the Different Types of Pool Liners

    There are many different swimming pool design elements and pool parts that you can customize when building an above ground pool near Birmingham . For instance, you can choose between a number of above-ground pool liner materials and styles depending upon your budget and aesthetic preferences. Here is a look at some of the most popular above-ground pool liners available for today’s swimming pool designs.

    Overlap Pool Liners Pool Liners in Birmingham

    Overlap pool liners are the most cost-effective type of above-ground pool liners. They are also very easy to install, require minimal pool maintenance, and work with almost any above-ground swimming pool design. This type of pool liner attaches to the pool wall using coping strips, which are pieces of plastic that run along the length of the top of the swimming pool’s deck or wall. It overlaps the swimming pool deck from the inside, preventing water from damaging the pool deck or structure.

    Beaded Pool Liners

    Beaded pool liners are the easiest above ground pool liner to replace, and pool repair is typically simple and inexpensive. These pool liners come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors to match your overall swimming pool design. The liner consists of a bead receiver that hangs over the top of the above ground swimming pool’s wall or pool deck. The beaded pool liner then snaps into this receiver, preventing damage and creating a cohesive, unified look. This type of above ground pool liner is usually used for backyard pools with a consistent, flowing swimming pool design that can be echoed or repeated in the pool liner’s pattern.

    Unibead Pool Liners

    Unibead pool liners are the most versatile type of above ground pool liner. They consist of a two-in-one feature that allows you to attach replace an overlap liner with a unibead liner. This type of pool liner can attach to either a bead receiver, or a j-hook. There is no excess pool liner material hanging over the pool’s deck as there is with an overlap liner.

  • A Guide to Shocking Your Pool

    Shocking your above ground swimming pool is a very important element of basic swimming pool maintenance in Birmingham . Shocking your pool refers to adding pool supplies like chlorine or other chemicals to the swimming pool. This should be done about once per week during the swimming pool season in order to prevent contaminants such as algae, chloramines, and bacteria from building up.

    Watch this video for a simple, step-by-step guide to shocking your swimming pool. You should include swimming pool shocking into your routine above ground swimming pool maintenance when you notice that algae has begun to grow in your backyard pool, the free chlorine level of your swimming pool is zero, or the combined chlorine level of above ground pool rises above 0.5.

  • How to Design an Outdoor Pool

    When you’re looking for a way to exercise, relax, and have fun all at the same time, consider getting an outdoor pool in Birmingham . Swimming pools cool you off during the hottest times of the year, and make your home the place to be for gatherings with your friends. As you start thinking about the swimming pool installation process, you’ll have many decisions to make. If you don’t have a lot of space, a swim spa may be the right choice for your yard. Take a look at your available space, and consider how much you’re willing to have taken up by an above ground pool. You can choose from different sizes and shapes to match your needs. Remember to consider the landscaping surrounding your pool, and you can create a beautiful backyard oasis. Adding water features or a separate hot tub can make your yard even more of a relaxing place, transforming your home into a spa-like destination for your friends and family.

    Tips for Designing an Outdoor Pool in Birmingham, AL

  • A Look at the Most Essential Pool Supplies

    Have you been thinking about having a swimming pool installed in your yard? Summer is almost here, which means now is the perfect time to call the professionals. Don’t go another summer wishing you had a pool where you can relax and entertain your friends—make it reality. Swimming pools offer you many benefits, including exercise, relaxation, and just plain fun. In order to keep your pool in good shape, you’ll need the right pool supplies in Birmingham . Read on for a look at the most essential pool supplies to have on hand this year.

    Chemicals Pool Supplies in Birmingham, AL

    Keeping your pool water clean takes more than just a pump and filter. Chemicals are needed to make sure the water is free from bacteria that can make it cloudy, and damage your skin or the pool itself. Chlorine is the main chemical associated with swimming pools, but you’ll also need alkaline balancing agents as well as calcium to keep the water clean and clear. Invest in a water testing system so you can see what the pH level is in your pool. That way, you’ll know what chemicals you need to add more of to maintain the proper balance.


    Swimming pools have pumps that circulate water, and the filter works to clear out the contaminants from the pool. You can choose from sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth filters, depending on how much maintenance you’re willing to do. Sand filters are able to filter out smaller particles, while diatomaceous earth filters can handle much larger particles.

    Fun Accessories

    There is a good reason for working hard to keep your pool clean and safe: So you can have fun with your friends and family! Grab a few pool toys such as noodles, rafts, and games so that everyone is comfortable and entertained. Pool games are a great way to have fun and be active at the same time, especially when you have children.

  • The Essentials of Pool Maintenance

    Proper pool maintenance for your above ground pool in Birmingham, AL, will help keep your backyard oasis clean, beautiful, and safe. Essentials of swimming pool maintenance include circulation, filtration, cleaning, and testing.

    Good water circulation keeps your water sanitizers moving evenly throughout your pool and also helps prevent algae and bacteria from getting a foothold on surfaces. Your pool filter removes unwanted microscopic matter and debris from the water, which keeps it safer and more sanitary. To help keep your water clean, it’s important to skim your pool’s surface and brush the walls at least once per week. Finally, testing your pool water twice per week will allow you to keep its chemicals and pH levels properly balanced

    AllStar Pool & Spa is the premier company for providing expert installation of above ground pools and hot tubs to the Birmingham area. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our exceptional services and high-quality products.

    Essentials of Pool Maintenance in Birmingham, AL