• Signs You’re Not Maintaining Your Pool

    A new swim spa installation can benefit every member of your family. After you have worked with your swim spa contractor to install your new unit, however, you will need to make sure that you stay on top of your pool or spa’s routine maintenance needs. If the thought of maintaining a swim spa on your own seems overwhelming, you can ask your swim spa contractor in Birmingham for assistance.

    There are a few common signs that your swim spa needs attention from a licensed swimming pool repair technician. When you neglect pool maintenance for too long, you may start to notice that your pool’s sides show signs of stains or damage. Debris floating in your pool water can also indicate a lack of proper maintenance. Finally, when your maintenance issues become too severe, you may also start to notice that your pool’s equipment starts to fail. By setting up professional maintenance services before it is too late, you can take excellent care of your pool.

    Signs You're Not Maintaining Your Pool

  • Learn More About Common Types of Pool Liners

    When you purchase a new swim spa in Birmingham , your swim spa contractor will need to equip your new pool with a swimming pool liner. In this video from Helpful Ideas, you will learn all about the most common types of liners that are used for swim spas and fiberglass pools. From beaded liners to j-hook liners, your contractor will have many different liner options for your new pool installation.

    To choose the best pool liner for your swim spa, it is important to consider the functional and durability of each type of liner. Overlap liners, for example, simply drape over the exterior of a pool’s frame. Beaded liners, by contrast, snap into place. No matter what type of liner you choose, you will want to pick out a product that comes with a great warranty.

  • Follow These Pool Care Tips

    The summer season will be here in a few short weeks, which means that it’s time to get started on maintaining your swim spa or fiberglass swimming pool. During the hot summer season, your swim spa needs regular maintenance and care in order to remain clean, clear, and pleasant for swimming. With services from a swim spa contractor in Birmingham, you will be able to create a maintenance schedule for your home’s swimming pool. To help you achieve the best results from your pool maintenance, here is a look at some essential pool care tips that you should always follow.

    Skim Your Pool Regularly Pool Care Tips by AllStar Pool and Spa

    After you open your pool up for the season, your pool’s water will be continuously exposed to the outside air. Bushes and trees that are adjacent to your swimming pool may drop their branches and leaves onto the surface of your pool. To keep your water clean and avoid clogging up your pool filter, it is important to make sure that you regularly skim the surface of your swimming pool water.

    Clean Your Pool Filter

    Cleaning out your pool filter is another essential aspect of regular swimming pool maintenance. Throughout the peak summer swimming season, your swimming pool filter will be continuously working to remove unwanted debris from your pool water. If you neglect to clean out your pool filter regularly, it can clog up and fail to function. In the event that you find that your pool filter is cracked or broken, you will need to purchase a replacement unit immediately.

    Balance Your Pool Chemicals

    Any residential pool owner is aware of the importance of having properly balanced pool chemicals. Maintaining the right chemistry in your pool, however, requires consistent care and attention. Every week, you will need to use pool testing strips to examine your pool water’s pH balance and overall chemical composition. Any imbalances in your chemistry mix need to be corrected before you dive into your pool. A pool maintenance professional can help you make sure that your pool water has been balanced correctly.

  • Common Hot Tub Repairs

    Hot Tub Repair in Birmingham, AL There are few feelings better than relaxing in your private hot tub at the end of a long, busy day. With assistance from a contractor that offers hot tubs for sale in Birmingham, you will be able to design and install a luxurious outdoor hot tub that is perfectly tailored to your lifestyle. After your initial hot tub installation, however, you will need to maintain your unit with occasional repair and maintenance procedures. Rather than attempting to repair your hot tub on your own, you should always leave your repairs to the professionals. Read on for an overview of some of the most common hot tub repairs that you may encounter.

    Loss of Hot Water

    A hot tub is not very enjoyable if it is unable to heat up your water to the desired degree. One of the most common hot tub issues that is reported by spa owners is a sudden loss of heating. If your hot tub has suddenly gotten cold, and is unable to reheat your water, it may have a broken heating element. Fortunately, your hot tub technician can easily replace the heating system in your spa.

    Weak Water Jets

    Water jets and bubbles serve to enhance your experience when you are relaxing in your hot tub. However, if your jets are weak or nonexistent, you may find that you are not as satisfied with your soaking experience. To repair broken hot tub jets, your technician may need to adjust their air locks or clean out their nozzles.

    Electronic System Malfunctions

    In order to keep your water temperature, jets, lighting, and other settings adjusted according to your preferences, your hot tub is equipped with an advanced electronic system. If the electronic panel on the side of your hot tub starts to display an error code, you may have a repair emergency on your hands. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, your hot tub maintenance technician will be able to figure out what is causing the electrical issue in your hot tub’s circuitry.

  • Create an Outdoor Space Around Your Above Ground Pool

    Above ground pools—such as swim spa installations in Birmingham, AL—can make beautiful additions to your backyard. In addition to having a useful and attractive swimming pool, you can create a fun and engaging outdoor space around the pool. Here is a quick look at the different ways you can turn a simple pool or swim spa installation into a backyard oasis:

    • You can install raised decking around your pool. This decking can be used for chairs, tables, and grills. Having these elements located near your pool will make it an appealing area for family and friends to gather during a party.
    • You may also install different types of landscaping around your above ground pool. Large trees, bushes, and hardscape structures can line the areas around the pool.

    If you want the entire family to participate in outdoor fun together, then install a volleyball net over your above ground pool or a basketball hoop next to your swim spa installation. These are easy ways to engage your kids with fun exercise outside.

    Outdoor Space Around Your Above Ground Pool

  • Locating a Leak in Your Pool Liner

    Even with dedicated maintenance, your swimming pool liner can develop a small hole and leak water. If this leak is not found soon, then you could spend a lot of money in water and energy costs, as well as future repairs to your pool and liner. Watch the video and continue reading to see how you can locate a leak in your pool’s liner near Birmingham, AL .

    Turn off the filter and other equipment leading into your pool. Purchase pool and hot tub supplies known as rubber stoppers. Use these objects to plug up your return jets and filters. Your water filtration equipment should be turned off, and the stoppers will prevent the water from going anywhere else. However, if you notice the pool water has decreased over a 24-hour period, then you likely have a leak in your pool liner. Speak with your swimming pool installer about repairing or replacing the liner soon.

  • Busting Common Hot Tub Maintenance Myths

    Hot tub maintenance near Birmingham, AL is important to the continued function and appearance of your hot tub . However, you may have heard several myths about hot tub maintenance—such as the need to drain hot tubs after every use—and you could be making some damaging mistakes. It is best to speak with your hot tub installer and manufacturer’s guide to ensure your hot tub is properly maintained. Continue reading to learn the truth behind these common myths about hot tub maintenance.

    Myth #1: You need to use several chemicals. Busting Common Hot Tub Maintenance Myths

    Testing and caring for your hot tub is similar to the care process for your swimming pool or swim spa installation. Every week, you should use a hot tub test strip to determine the pH and alkaline levels. Once you know the amount your hot tub requires, you can add the correct chemicals, such as chlorine or bromine, to the hot tub. If you are unsure or wary of properly caring for your hot tub, then schedule maintenance services with your hot tub installer.

    Myth #2: You must always drain the hot tub.

    A common hot tub myth is that a hot tub must be drained every time you use it. This is incorrect and could cost you a lot of money in water and energy costs. If you keep your hot tub’s chemicals maintained, then you do not need to worry about bacteria or chemical buildup. However, it is smart to drain the hot tub every three to six months depending on how often you use it.

    Myth #3: You can use swimming pool supplies.

    You may think that you can use the same cleaning products for both your swimming pool and hot tub. This is a mistake that can cause serious chemical issues that could affect your hot tub’s equipment. For example, chlorine tablets made for pools are formulated for cold water, and they could dissolve too quickly when placed in a hot tub’s hot water. Always use chemicals and cleaning products that are formulated for your hot tub.

  • Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Pool?

    Owning an above ground pool, swim spa, or hot tub in Birmingham, AL provides great benefits, like improved health and family fun. You cannot experience these swim spa benefits, though, if you are making frequent mistakes that damage your pool. Regular care and equipment repairs are important to the overall look and function of your pool installation. Let’s take a look at common swimming pool mistakes you should avoid.

    Mistake #1: You do not provide consistent pool care. Common Mistakes With Pools in Birmingham, AL

    Consistent pool care is essential to the life and function of your pool, hot tub, or swim spa installation. If you do not regularly skim, vacuum, and brush your pool, then it will collect dirt and debris that could lead to significant damages. If you do not test the water for pH and alkaline levels on a weekly basis, then you risk algae and harmful bacteria collecting in your water. Speak with your pool installer about the appropriate methods and times to care for your pool.

    Mistake #2: You do not repair or replace pool equipment.

    Your pool’s filter and pump are some of the most important pieces of equipment, and they should run for at least eight hours per day to sufficiently clean the pool water. Running this essential equipment so frequently can lead to normal wear and tear issues. If you do not repair or replace these vital pieces of equipment, then you risk more repair costs to your pool and water. Keep other cleaning equipment—such as a vacuum and brush—in good shape as well. These items keep your pool’s liner in good shape.

    Mistake #3: You do not maintain your pool’s liner.

    A pool’s liner is crucial to the pool’s proper functioning and appearance. If your pool is not cleaned regularly, then the liner is at risk of tearing, fading, and discoloration. If you do notice a tear or defect in your liner, then speak with your installer about replacing it. Defective liners can lead to high costs and damages to the rest of your pool.

  • What to Know About Doughboy Above Ground Pools

    There are many types of above ground pools, such as Doughboy pools and swim spa installations. When you choose Doughboy for your above ground pool in Birmingham, AL, you will receive a strong, durable, and portable swimming pool. These qualities make your above ground pool exceptional, but Doughboy becomes even better with the addition of a deeper swimming area. Read on to learn more about Doughboy above ground pools .

    They are strong swimming pools.

    Doughboy above ground pools are one of the strongest installations available. They are made with steel frames and several protective layers and coatings that will resist corrosion. Doughboy also offers a resin pool frame that is exceptionally strong and durable. Either choice will be a stable and long-lasting swimming pool in your backyard.

    They come with a deep swimming area.

    Doughboy Above Ground Pools

    Unlike other above ground pools, hot tubs, and swim spa installations, Doughboy pools come with the option for a deep swimming area. These pools are already large and deep, but a qualified pool installer can install your pool up to seven feet deep into the ground. The deeper area will be a gradual decline in the pool, but it can provide even more fun for you and your family.

    They can last for decades.

    Due to the strong steel or resin frames, Doughboy pools have been found to last for more than 25 years. Doughboy utilizes high-quality, durable materials that will keep your pool frame, pool liner, and pool equipment working for several years without repair or replacement. This will equal a great return on your Doughboy investment.

    They are portable swimming pools.

    Doughboy above ground pools were made with portability in mind. If you choose to move, you can bring your Doughboy pool with you. The frame and walls can be disassembled easily, and you can move your pool without difficulty. You will have to replace your pool liner, but your qualified pool installer can help you choose and install the right liner.

  • Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Hot Tub Installation?

    Your hot tub is a great addition to your household in Birmingham, AL. It can provide therapeutic benefits, socializing opportunities, and year-round stress relief. If you’re still undecided, here are some of the many benefits you can enjoy every time you step into your hot tub :

    • Hot tubs, whether they are indoor or outdoor hot tubs, can be used year-round. You, your family, and your friends can enjoy the warm, soothing water of your hot tub whether it is a chilly winter day or a warm summer night.
    • Every time you step into your hot tub, your entire body relaxes. After a tough day at work, you can sit for a few minutes in the warm water and let the day fade away.

    If you or a family member has aching joints or stiff injuries, then you can perform therapeutic exercises in your hot tub. Medical professionals agree that a few minutes in a hot tub can relieve stress and pain associated with new and old injuries.

     Hot Tub Installation