• Don’t Believe These Myths About Owning a Pool

    The myths that surround pool owning are detrimental, because they stop people from experiencing the joy and benefits of swim spas and above ground pools. Many homeowners believe that a pool or swim spa installation in Birmingham, AL , is too expensive or will require too much maintenance. These are detrimental myths that should be resisted at all costs. Continue reading for the truth behind these prevalent myths about owning a pool.

    Myth #1: Pools Are Expensive Common Myths About Owning a Pool

    This is usually a homeowner’s primary reason for not buying a pool, but it does not hold true for above ground pools. In-ground pools often cost tens of thousands of dollars and significant damage to the landscape. However, above ground pools and swim spa installations are inexpensive additions, and they will not disrupt the surrounding landscape. Above ground pools are also portable, which means they can come with a homeowner if he or she decides to move.

    Myth #2: Pools Require Constant Maintenance

    Pools do require maintenance to ensure that they are free from dangerous bacteria, algae growth, and other harmful contaminants. Their maintenance requirements do not need to take up much time for a homeowner, though. Daily skimming and pool covers can reduce debris, and a pool maintenance professional can add the necessary chemicals on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Myth #3: Pools Are Dangerous

    Many homeowners resist owning a pool for fear that their children or pets may be in danger. The risk of injury or drowning can be reduced with swimming lessons, supervision, and pool safety additions. Pool fences, pool covers, and alarms are just a few ways to reduce accidents in or near a pool.

    Myth #4: Pools Increase Utility Bills

    Homeowners may fear the added costs of owning and maintaining a pool. Utility bills, such as water and electricity, can increase with the addition of a pool. However, these costs are typically only $20 to $50 a month, and they can be offset by savings on other forms of recreation and entertainment.

  • Which Swim Spa Is Right for You?

    If you want to get in shape and increase your physical activity in the coming year, now may be the time to think about scheduling a swim spa installation for your home. A swim spa will allow you and your family members to swim, play, and perform aquatic exercises in the comfort of your backyard. With services from a company that installs fiberglass pools in Birmingham, you will be able to pick out the ideal swim spa for your lifestyle and fitness goals. Let’s compare two of the top swim spa models to help you decide what type of swim spa is right for your needs.

    H2X Swim Spa Different swim spa types

    The H2X Swim Spa among the most innovative swim spa units that are on the market today. When you choose to install a new H2X Swim Spa on your property, you will enjoy the many benefits that this type of swim spa has to offer. Some of the key features of an H2X Swim Spa include its flat floors, comfortable seating, and powerful jets. The H2X model is large enough for aerobic swimming and aquatic therapy training. Whether you are in need of a swim spa for training or play, you are sure to enjoy the sleek features and innovative design of the H2X.

    Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa

    The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa is the namesake model for Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. This state-of-the-art swim spa has been engineered with the aspiring athlete in mind. One of the key benefits of the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa is this model’s beautiful design. The sweeping curves and graceful good looks of this swim spa will make it a beautiful addition to any backyard. The Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa also features a patented Wave Propulsion™ Technology System, which will help you advance your training. If you are a serious swimmer, you will want to be sure that you explore all of the terrific benefits that are offered by the Michel Phelps Signature Swim Spa.

  • Try Out These Exercises in Your H2X Swim Spa

    When you install a new swim spa in your backyard, you will enjoy all of the benefits of aquatic exercise. In this video, you will take a look at some terrific exercises that you can perform in your H2X Swim Spa. This unique swim spa is suited for all levels of aquatic exercise and is also large enough to accommodate different types of aquatic exercise equipment. A company that offers swim spa installation in Birmingham can provide you with exercise tips for your new spa.

    To learn more about swim spa benefits, do not hesitate to get in touch with swimming pool installers in your area. With assistance from a swim spa company, you will be able to install a durable H2X Swim Spa in less than a day.

  • Top Benefits of Choosing a Small Pool for Your Backyard

    If you have been deciding between installing a large or small pool in your backyard, then perhaps you have yet to hear about swim spas in Birmingham, AL. Swim spas are an above ground pool option that will greatly benefit your backyard. Once you install a small swim spa, you will be happy with the amount of landscaping space you have left over, and you will greatly enjoy the increased savings. Let’s take a closer look at how you will benefit from a small swim spa in your backyard.

    More Room Top Benefits of Choosing Small Pool

    Having more room in your backyard, while still enjoying the benefits of a pool, is one of the biggest benefits you will find with a small pool. It is easy to swim and enjoy a fun time with your family in a small swimming pool. When you exit, you still have a significant amount of your backyard to enjoy as well. You can incorporate an outdoor kitchen, a grass lawn, or a large garden. When you choose a small pool, such as a swim spa, then you never have to worry about taking up too much space in your backyard.

    More Savings

    From the purchasing process to installation to maintenance, you will notice much more savings from a small, above ground, swim spa than you would from a large, in-ground pool. Swim spas use fewer materials and have an easier installation, making them less expensive than larger options. You will typically use less water to fill a swim spa, which will also amount to greater savings.

    Less Maintenance

    The smaller your pool is, then the less maintenance you will have to do. Most pools require the same type of machinery and chemicals to keep the water sanitized and clean-looking; however, a smaller pool will use these items less than a larger, inground pool. This reduced amount of maintenance means less work for you and more savings for your bank account.

    Speak with your local swim spa installer about how to enjoy a small pool in your backyard.

  • Reaping the Year-Round Benefits of Swim-Spas

    When winter comes around, you may think your swimming days are over for quite a few months. However, with a swim-spa in Birmingham, AL , you can swim as much as you want, any time of the year. By owning a swim-spa, you can maintain your daily exercise and stress relief. Continue reading to learn about the year-round benefits you will enjoy with your new swim spa.

    Maintain Your Exercise Regimen Benefits of Swim Spa by AllStar Pool & Spa

    If your daily exercise is found in an inground pool, then you may dread the coming winter. Inground pools are often only used during the summer, which makes it difficult to maintain a steady workout regimen. You, like many other swimmers, may need the low-impact quality of the water to exercise comfortably. What kinds of indoor, low-impact exercise can you find during the winter months that give you the same health benefits as swimming in an inground pool? With a swim-spa, though, you can enjoy your swimming exercises year-round in heated water.

    Enjoy Your Heated Spa

    In addition to maintaining your exercise habits year-round, a swim-spa is a great solution for year-round parties. You, your friends, your kids, and the rest of your family can enjoy a fun day or night in your heated, backyard swim-spa any time of the year. A swim-spa is a great gathering tool for people to enjoy a holiday party or a simple get-together. Surprise your friends and family by telling them to bring their swimsuits for the next winter party you host. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised that they get to experience a heated spa any time they want.

    Relax Your Muscles

    Finding ways to relax is a crucial step to achieving a well-rounded and healthy life. Whether you deal with a stressful job, busy family life, or both, you need to find the time and a simple way to relax your muscles and ease your stress. A swim-spa is the perfect solution because you can enjoy it any time you want during the winter or summer.

  • How You Could Benefit from Installing a Hot Tub This Fall

    As fall begins, the weather is cooling and the holidays are around the corner. Instead of staying inside, install a hot tub or swim spa in Birmingham, AL to relieve the stress that comes with the holidays. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits you will find after you install your hot tub or swim spa this fall.

    You can relieve your holiday stress. Benefits of Installing Hot Tubs Near Birmingham, AL

    When you have a long day at work or shopping for the upcoming holidays, and you just want to relax, you may choose to take a hot soak in your bathtub. Instead of being stuck in a cramped bathtub, however, you can relieve your stress in your spacious hot tub or swim spa. With the holidays fast approaching, work, shopping, and even driving are likely to become stressful and nerve-wracking. Don’t let these inconveniences and frazzled nerves ruin your time at home. Install a hot tub, complete with electronic connections so you can enjoy music, movies, and so much more while you relax away the holidays.

    You can ease your aches and pains.

    Are you one of the millions of people in the United States who regularly suffers from muscle and joint pain on a daily basis? There are many afflictions that cause chronic aches and pains that may get worse as the weather turns colder. You may find some relief by soaking in the heated waters of your new hot tub. Applying heat is a common recommendation by doctors to relieve aches and pains. Relax and relieve your pain with the help of your hot tub or swim spa. There are also therapeutic swim spas that offer adjustable jets to target key areas of your body as you need.

    You can socialize with friends and family.

    In addition to relieving your stress and pains, you can create a great social space for fall parties. Instead of keeping everyone cooped inside due to the cooling weather, tell your guests to put on their swimsuits and head to the hot tub where they will be warm and have a great time.

  • Can’t Decide Between a Pool and Spa? Then Consider Getting a Swim-Spa

    You may have heard the word swim-spa and wondered how it can compare to the two different installations of a spa and inground pool near Birmingham, AL. With several technological advancements, pool makers have managed to combine the best of both spas and inground pools to create the swim-spa. Take a look at how a swim-spa is the perfect choice when deciding between a pool and a spa.

    Host Fun Swim Parties Spa & Inground Pool Near Birmingham, AL

    If you love to host barbecues and fun get-togethers with your family and friends, then you are probably leaning toward installing an inground pool. However, all of the fun games and activities you may want with an inground pool can easily be done with a swim-spa. Water volleyball games, socializing, and many more water activities are just as much fun with a swim-spa. You also have the option of turning on the spa features without anyone having to leave the pool.

    Relieve Body Aches

    Maybe you have considered purchasing a hot tub spa to relieve your daily aches, pains, and stresses. The hot water and therapeutic jets found in spas can feel amazing after a long day of work. Thankfully, you can still receive those great benefits, and the therapeutic benefits of a swimming pool, with your swim-spa installation. Therapeutic swim-spas come with spa jets, heated water, and the capability to perform therapeutic water exercises. You can have the benefits of a heated spa and a swimming pool to help relieve your pains and make you stronger.

    Get the Best of Both Installations

    Have you considered installing an inground pool and a spa so you can host parties and enjoy relaxing jets? Save yourself the money, stress, and daily maintenance that comes with two installations; purchase and install a swim-spa to get the best of both worlds. Swim-spas come with jets, heated water, and room to perform many of the fun water activities and exercises you would perform in a spa and pool. You can also design your swim-spa with waterfalls, lights, and sound capability to create a fun outdoor experience.

  • Comparing Inground Pools and Swim Spas

    When you are considering a pool installation for your property, you may want to think about choosing a swim spa over a conventional inground pool. Unlike inground pools, which can be costly and take up significant space, swim spas are compact, versatile, and affordable. A company that offers small swimming pools in Birmingham, AL will be able to answer all of your questions about the great advantages that a swim spa has to offer you. After your swim spa installation has been completed, you will be able to relax in the comfort of your very own pool. Before you begin shopping, check out this quick comparison of the advantages that swim spas have to offer over inground pools.

    Compact Design Comparison of Inground Pools and Swim Spas

    One of the great benefits of swim spas is that these types of pools are available in compact designs that will fit on a variety of properties. When you choose to design a new inground pool, you will need to make sure that you have significant space available for your installation. By contrast, a swim spa can work in a compact area of your yard.

    Easy Installation

    Along with offering a compact design, a swim spa will also provide you with easy installation. With the help of your swim spa installation professionals, you can install your new swim spa in a few days or less. Inground pools, on the other hand, can take weeks to fully install. If you are seeking easy installation for your new pool, you may want to choose a swim spa.

    Simple Maintenance

    Finally, a swim spa will also provide you with easy maintenance throughout the seasons and years. A conventional inground swimming pool needs to be professionally maintained at least once a year. By contrast, your swim spa can be kept in perfect condition with a few simple at-home procedures. If you have decided that a swim spa is the perfect fit for your outdoor recreational needs, be sure to get in touch with a company that specializes in swim spas in your local area.

  • Spotlight on Therapeutic Swim Spas

    Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, or are simply seeking additional relaxation at home, you may want to consider installing a therapeutic swim spa on your property. When you work with swim spa pros in Birmingham, AL , you will be able to create a new swim spa that meets all of your needs for relaxation, rehabilitation, and low-impact exercise. For example, your swim spa can be equipped with jets that will massage and rehabilitate sore and tired muscles. Additionally, including a heating function in your swim spa will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of heat therapy, which will help to relieve any areas of your body that are sore or tired. A swim spa can also help you relax after a long and stressful day at the office. With all of these fantastic benefits in mind, you should be sure to contact a company that specializes in therapeutic swim spa installations near you.

    Therapeutic swim spas in Birmingham, AL

  • Top Reasons to Consider a New Swim Spa Installation

    The summer season is just around the corner, and now is a fantastic time to consider a swim spa installation for your property. A company that offers above ground pools and therapeutic swim spas can help you choose the right spa for your property. When you are shopping for a swim spa near Birmingham, AL , it is a great idea to learn more about the benefits that these types of units have to offer you. For example, a swim spa can provide you with the perfect space to relax and unwind after a long and busy day. In addition, your swim spa will also be very easy to maintain. Since swim spas are compact and easy to set up, they are suitable for smaller properties. In addition, you will be able to easily maintain your swim spa with vinyl liner replacements from a team of licensed professionals. With all of these fantastic benefits, a swim spa is a terrific addition to any household.

    New swim spa installation in Birmingham, AL