• Getting Soaked to Get Healthy: Hot Tubs and Swim Spas [Infographic]

    Hot tubs and swim spas might be known for being good places to relax and ease stress, but did you know that taking a dip could also improve your health? A hot tub or swim spa can provide a long list of health benefits, from reducing pain in muscles and joints to cutting your risk of heart disease. A hot tub is all about relaxation. The warm water and jets massage your muscles and joints while easing your tension so that you feel energized and refreshed. Swim spas combine the health benefits of backyard pools with those hot tub advantages. Get your workout and soothe your muscles all in one location. Find out more about hot tubs and swim spas in this infographic from AllStar Pool & Spas  . We provide a wide selection of hot tubs, pools, swim spas, and pool parts near Birmingham, AL, so contact us for assistance, and please share this information.

    Hot Tubs And Swim Spas Birmingham, AL

  • Landscaping Around Your Above-Ground Pool

    If you have an above-ground pool in Birmingham, AL , then you may be wondering how to create the right landscaping around the pool area. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to design beautiful outdoor spaces around above-ground pools. These tips will get you started.

    Whatever design you choose for your yard, it is a good idea to start with a three-foot soil barrier around the perimeter of the pool. This barrier will keep your lawn safe from chlorinated water that splashes from above-ground pools. Next, dig a trench about two inches away from the pool around its entire perimeter and install a metal root barrier so that roots cannot grow under the pool. From there, you can choose plants that suit the rest of your landscaping and plant them around the pool. Evergreen bushes and perennial plants make good choices, but choose varieties that don’t drop a lot of leaves or blossoms to help keep the area clean. Add stones or river rocks extending three feet out from the perimeter of the above-ground swimming pool to reduce weeds and to help trap water.

    Above-Ground Pool

  • What Is a Swim Spa?


    Are you looking for a convenient and low-impact way to stay fit? If so, a swim spa could be right for you. Swim spas allow for easy aerobic fitness right in your own backyard and are especially ideal for people with joint and muscle pains. If you are considering your options for swim spas in Birmingham, AL , here are the facts you need before you shop.

    Swim Spa Basics title=”Swim Spas in Birmingham” Swim Spas in Birmingham, AL
    Swim spas look similar to hot tubs and can be used for soaking and relaxation. The difference, however, is that swim spas are also designed for fitness. In the spa, you swim against a continuous current, allowing you to get the aerobic benefits of lap swimming without the space required to install a full-sized swimming pool. The jets used to create the current can be adjusted for swimmers of all levels, so everyone using your spa gets a personalized workout. The same jets allow you to use your swim spa as a hot tub after your workout to massage your sore muscles.

    Swim Spa Benefits
    There are several benefits to installing a swim spa. First, it allows you get the benefits of both a pool and a hot tub in a fraction of the space. Swim spas offer easy access to aerobic exercise to help you stick to your fitness regimen, and the low-impact nature of swimming means it is safe for nearly everyone. Swim spas are usually less expensive than swimming pools and don’t require the same amount of pool maintenance.

    Swim Spa Selections
    Several different types of swim spas are available. If you want the water to remain one temperature, you can choose a spa that has a single tub portion, or you can opt for one with two separate tub areas so you can easily have hot tub functionality as well. There is also a range of options for the jets and the size, depth, and design of the seating areas within the spa.