• A Guide to Shocking Your Pool

    Shocking your above ground swimming pool is a very important element of basic swimming pool maintenance in Birmingham . Shocking your pool refers to adding pool supplies like chlorine or other chemicals to the swimming pool. This should be done about once per week during the swimming pool season in order to prevent contaminants such as algae, chloramines, and bacteria from building up.

    Watch this video for a simple, step-by-step guide to shocking your swimming pool. You should include swimming pool shocking into your routine above ground swimming pool maintenance when you notice that algae has begun to grow in your backyard pool, the free chlorine level of your swimming pool is zero, or the combined chlorine level of above ground pool rises above 0.5.

  • How to Design an Outdoor Pool

    When you’re looking for a way to exercise, relax, and have fun all at the same time, consider getting an outdoor pool in Birmingham . Swimming pools cool you off during the hottest times of the year, and make your home the place to be for gatherings with your friends. As you start thinking about the swimming pool installation process, you’ll have many decisions to make. If you don’t have a lot of space, a swim spa may be the right choice for your yard. Take a look at your available space, and consider how much you’re willing to have taken up by an above ground pool. You can choose from different sizes and shapes to match your needs. Remember to consider the landscaping surrounding your pool, and you can create a beautiful backyard oasis. Adding water features or a separate hot tub can make your yard even more of a relaxing place, transforming your home into a spa-like destination for your friends and family.

    Tips for Designing an Outdoor Pool in Birmingham, AL

  • Creating a Vanishing Edge Pool

    As you begin to think about having your own swimming pool in Birmingham, consider all of the design possibilities that are available to you. You might want to combine the benefits of a swimming pool and a spa and have a swim spa installed, or you may prefer the look of an above ground pool. A vanishing edge pool is an elegant choice for your yard, so watch this video to learn more about what it takes to create one.

    Vanishing edge pools are sometimes known as illusion pools since they create the illusion that the pool has no finite ending. This is an excellent choice for a pool when you have a view you don’t want to obstruct, such as hills or a valley. If you have your yard fenced in close to your pool, a vanishing edge may not be the right choice as it is just the fence that will be reflected on the pool’s surface. You can erect structures around the pool to maintain your privacy while still enjoying incredible views.

  • Tips for Designing Your Swim Spa

    As you begin working on swimming pool designs for your new swim spa in Birmingham, AL, there are a few factors that you should consider. Your hot tub and the above ground pool should complement the existing landscaping and architectural design of your home, as well as include features that will make your swim spa as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Here are some great tips that will help you and your swimming pool designer create the perfect swim spa.

    Determine the Primary Purpose for Your Swim Spa Tips For Designing Your Swim Spa in Birmingham, AL

    Before developing a hot tub and swimming pool design, you should determine exactly how you and your family plan on using your swim spa. This information will allow you to decide on the ideal size, shape, and depth of your swim spa, as well as any additional pool parts and features you’ll need. Most families use swim spas for relaxation and light recreation. If you have young children, you must build a locking fence and gate around your pool deck and swim spa.

    Complement Your Home’s Architectural Style

    Your above ground pool and hot tub should be designed to complement your home’s existing architectural style. If your swim spa detracts from the aesthetics of your home, your home can actually decrease in value. Work carefully with a swim spa contractor to develop a hot tub and swimming pool design that matches the exterior tone, period, features, color scheme, and overall design elements of your home. Your swim spa designer and builder can mimic and repeat design elements from your home’s exterior throughout your swim spa’s design.

    Consider Your Backyard Landscape

    The size and shape of your swim spa will also depend upon your backyard landscaping. You don’t want to destroy healthy, beautiful landscaping to accommodate your swim spa. Instead, create a hot tub and swimming pool design that fits seamlessly into your existing landscape design, enhancing the look and feel of your surrounding plants. Your swim spa should be an oasis nestled among lush vegetation that hides the swimming pool and hot tub from the outside world.

  • Safety Tips for Above Ground Pools [Infographic]

    If you’ve been thinking about getting a swimming pool in Birmingham, Alabama, now is the time. A swimming pool gives you the perfect place to unwind after a long week and can keep your kids entertained for hours and days on end. While a swimming pool can be quite fun, it is essential that you keep yourself and fellow swimmers safe. Erect a fence around your pool and the steps leading up to it so that kids and pets can’t wander in by accident. Make sure the ladder leading in and out of the pool is stable and secure, and check it regularly. A pool alarm can alert you if someone has entered the pool, which is ideal both for safety and for the security of your home. Check out this infographic to learn more about staying safe around your above-ground pool. Please share it with your friends, family, and neighbors.

    Safety Tips for above ground pools

  • The Benefits of Installing a Swim Spa

    At the end of a long work week, there’s nothing like coming home to your very own swimming pool in Birmingham . Swimming pools can offer you a lot, including an impact-free way to exercise as well as a place to gather with your friends and family. When you are looking at your options for installing a swimming pool in your yard, consider how a swim spa could benefit you. Swim spas combine the benefits of traditional swimming pools with the therapeutic qualities of a hot tub—all in one compact package. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of installing a swim spa.

    Size Installing Swim Spa in Birmingham, AL

    If you’ve given up on the idea of having your own swimming pool because you don’t think you have enough space, a swim spa could be the answer. Swim spas are smaller than traditional swimming pools, so are ideal for smaller yards or for people who don’t want to devote too much space to a pool.


    A hot tub provides relaxation and stress relief, which can be very important in today’s hectic world. If you’ve been trying to decide between installing a pool or a hot tub, a swim spa combines both into one unit. You’ll get massaging jets where you can kick back and feel all your cares melt away without having to have a separate hot tub from your pool.


    Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, and swimming provides a full-body workout with no impact on your joints. When you have a swim spa, you don’t have to worry about executing turns or not getting enough momentum, as the jets can be adjusted to push back against you as you swim to keep you in place. If you want to try water aerobics or other forms of water exercises, simply turn the jets off and get creative.