• Locating a Leak in Your Pool Liner

    Even with dedicated maintenance, your swimming pool liner can develop a small hole and leak water. If this leak is not found soon, then you could spend a lot of money in water and energy costs, as well as future repairs to your pool and liner. Watch the video and continue reading to see how you can locate a leak in your pool’s liner near Birmingham, AL .

    Turn off the filter and other equipment leading into your pool. Purchase pool and hot tub supplies known as rubber stoppers. Use these objects to plug up your return jets and filters. Your water filtration equipment should be turned off, and the stoppers will prevent the water from going anywhere else. However, if you notice the pool water has decreased over a 24-hour period, then you likely have a leak in your pool liner. Speak with your swimming pool installer about repairing or replacing the liner soon.

  • Busting Common Hot Tub Maintenance Myths

    Hot tub maintenance near Birmingham, AL is important to the continued function and appearance of your hot tub . However, you may have heard several myths about hot tub maintenance—such as the need to drain hot tubs after every use—and you could be making some damaging mistakes. It is best to speak with your hot tub installer and manufacturer’s guide to ensure your hot tub is properly maintained. Continue reading to learn the truth behind these common myths about hot tub maintenance.

    Myth #1: You need to use several chemicals. Busting Common Hot Tub Maintenance Myths

    Testing and caring for your hot tub is similar to the care process for your swimming pool or swim spa installation. Every week, you should use a hot tub test strip to determine the pH and alkaline levels. Once you know the amount your hot tub requires, you can add the correct chemicals, such as chlorine or bromine, to the hot tub. If you are unsure or wary of properly caring for your hot tub, then schedule maintenance services with your hot tub installer.

    Myth #2: You must always drain the hot tub.

    A common hot tub myth is that a hot tub must be drained every time you use it. This is incorrect and could cost you a lot of money in water and energy costs. If you keep your hot tub’s chemicals maintained, then you do not need to worry about bacteria or chemical buildup. However, it is smart to drain the hot tub every three to six months depending on how often you use it.

    Myth #3: You can use swimming pool supplies.

    You may think that you can use the same cleaning products for both your swimming pool and hot tub. This is a mistake that can cause serious chemical issues that could affect your hot tub’s equipment. For example, chlorine tablets made for pools are formulated for cold water, and they could dissolve too quickly when placed in a hot tub’s hot water. Always use chemicals and cleaning products that are formulated for your hot tub.

  • Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Pool?

    Owning an above ground pool, swim spa, or hot tub in Birmingham, AL provides great benefits, like improved health and family fun. You cannot experience these swim spa benefits, though, if you are making frequent mistakes that damage your pool. Regular care and equipment repairs are important to the overall look and function of your pool installation. Let’s take a look at common swimming pool mistakes you should avoid.

    Mistake #1: You do not provide consistent pool care. Common Mistakes With Pools in Birmingham, AL

    Consistent pool care is essential to the life and function of your pool, hot tub, or swim spa installation. If you do not regularly skim, vacuum, and brush your pool, then it will collect dirt and debris that could lead to significant damages. If you do not test the water for pH and alkaline levels on a weekly basis, then you risk algae and harmful bacteria collecting in your water. Speak with your pool installer about the appropriate methods and times to care for your pool.

    Mistake #2: You do not repair or replace pool equipment.

    Your pool’s filter and pump are some of the most important pieces of equipment, and they should run for at least eight hours per day to sufficiently clean the pool water. Running this essential equipment so frequently can lead to normal wear and tear issues. If you do not repair or replace these vital pieces of equipment, then you risk more repair costs to your pool and water. Keep other cleaning equipment—such as a vacuum and brush—in good shape as well. These items keep your pool’s liner in good shape.

    Mistake #3: You do not maintain your pool’s liner.

    A pool’s liner is crucial to the pool’s proper functioning and appearance. If your pool is not cleaned regularly, then the liner is at risk of tearing, fading, and discoloration. If you do notice a tear or defect in your liner, then speak with your installer about replacing it. Defective liners can lead to high costs and damages to the rest of your pool.

  • What to Know About Doughboy Above Ground Pools

    There are many types of above ground pools, such as Doughboy pools and swim spa installations. When you choose Doughboy for your above ground pool in Birmingham, AL, you will receive a strong, durable, and portable swimming pool. These qualities make your above ground pool exceptional, but Doughboy becomes even better with the addition of a deeper swimming area. Read on to learn more about Doughboy above ground pools .

    They are strong swimming pools.

    Doughboy above ground pools are one of the strongest installations available. They are made with steel frames and several protective layers and coatings that will resist corrosion. Doughboy also offers a resin pool frame that is exceptionally strong and durable. Either choice will be a stable and long-lasting swimming pool in your backyard.

    They come with a deep swimming area.

    Doughboy Above Ground Pools

    Unlike other above ground pools, hot tubs, and swim spa installations, Doughboy pools come with the option for a deep swimming area. These pools are already large and deep, but a qualified pool installer can install your pool up to seven feet deep into the ground. The deeper area will be a gradual decline in the pool, but it can provide even more fun for you and your family.

    They can last for decades.

    Due to the strong steel or resin frames, Doughboy pools have been found to last for more than 25 years. Doughboy utilizes high-quality, durable materials that will keep your pool frame, pool liner, and pool equipment working for several years without repair or replacement. This will equal a great return on your Doughboy investment.

    They are portable swimming pools.

    Doughboy above ground pools were made with portability in mind. If you choose to move, you can bring your Doughboy pool with you. The frame and walls can be disassembled easily, and you can move your pool without difficulty. You will have to replace your pool liner, but your qualified pool installer can help you choose and install the right liner.

  • Why You Should Trust the Pros with Your Pool Maintenance

    Fiberglass swimming pools and swim spas require routine care and maintenance in order to remain in clean, appealing condition. If you are handy around the house, you may find yourself tempted to perform you own pool maintenance and repairs. However, your spa or pool repair should always be left to a licensed swim spa contractor near Birmingham. A reputable contractor will have the training and tools that are needed to perfectly maintain your pool.

    There are several reasons why you should always trust the pros with your swimming pool maintenance. Without professional assistance, you could run the risk of damaging your pool during your DIY repair procedure. Your swimming pool contractors will also be able to identify and fix any hidden repair issues that are affecting the quality of your pool. Finally, professional pool maintenance can help you save money on the cost of long term pool repair. If your fiberglass or therapy pool needs some attention, your swimming pool pros will be thrilled to assist you.

    Pool Maintenance

  • Comparing Above Ground Pools, Swim Spas, and Hot Tubs

    Pools and similar features offer many benefits, but which type is right for you? If you’re thinking about installing an above ground pool, swim spa, or hot tub in Birmingham, AL , then continue reading to learn about the differences between these water features.

    Above Ground Pools Comparison Above Ground Pools, Swim Spas, & Hot Tubs

    For families with kids, above ground pools are typically the best choice for backyard water features. Pools offer plenty of room for playing and exercise, and they are ideal for creating an outdoor area for entertaining. However, above ground pools can take up a significant portion of your yard and can’t be used year-round, although the use of a pool heater can extend your pool season by a couple of months. Finally, pools can require more upkeep and safety precautions than swim spas and hot tubs.

    Swim Spas

    For individuals who want to enjoy many of the activities that they can in a full-sized pool but within a smaller space, swim spas offer an excellent solution. Swim spas are ideal for exercise and have water jets that can be set to various levels of resistance so you can swim laps with no need for making turns or having a large pool. Also, you can use a swim spa for hydrotherapy by warming the water temperature and relaxing against the comfort of the water jets. Swim spas are the best choice for individuals who want the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub combined with the exercise qualities of a swimming pool.

    Hot Tubs

    If you’re looking for a water feature that is compact and designed for comfort and relaxation, then a hot tub could be the best choice for your needs. The warm, pulsating water provided by these features is perfect for relieving stiffness and pain in aching joints. Additionally, when in a hot tub, the body can release endorphins that decrease muscle tension and improve mood. Hot tub maintenance is simple when done properly, and you can choose to install either an indoor or an outdoor hot tub for maximum convenience.

  • Keep These Essentials Near Your Pool

    Having a backyard pool offers you many benefits, but these features do require a bit of maintenance to be kept in good condition. Do you own a therapy pool or an above-ground fiberglass pool in Birmingham, AL? If so, then there are a few essentials that you should always have nearby. Useful Essentials Near Your Pool

    Your pool system requires a well-functioning pump and filter to keep the water clean and circulating properly. Also, regular treatment with chemicals helps control algae and bacteria that would otherwise grow in your pool water. For the off-season, pool covers are essential for winterizing your pool and keeping leaves and other debris out of the water. Finally, if you have kids or love to entertain in your backyard, then be sure to keep some floats, toys, and games in your pool area.

    If you feel confused about where, to begin with, pool care, then contact a local pool company. These experts can get you started with a maintenance plan that will keep your fiberglass pool or therapy pool in excellent condition year-round.

  • Stay Warm and Relaxed This Winter with a New Hot Tub

    When it comes to staying comfortable and calm during the winter months, few things can be as beneficial as having your own hot tub . By choosing to install a hot tub in Birmingham, AL, you can enjoy several advantages that will help you stay warm and relaxed this season.

    Get Better Sleep

    Getting enough sleep is essential for your overall health, but chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders are common problems in the United States. Research has demonstrated that soaking in a hot tub 2 or 3 hours before heading to bed can promote deeper and more restorative sleep in insomniacs, something that can be particularly beneficial during the stressful holiday season.

    Enjoy Outdoor Luxury Enjoying hot tub in the winter

    Do you love enjoying your backyard area with friends and family? If so, then you may be looking for a better way to make the best of your yard in the winter months. If you want to be comfortable and have a good time outside despite the chilly weather, then consider installing an outdoor hot tub. These features can keep you warm and relaxed even when the air is icy cold.

    Find Stress Relief

    Endorphins are neurotransmitters that can induce feelings of pleasure, improve your mood, and provide relief from pain, and one of the best ways to stimulate your body to release endorphins is to soak in a hot tub. Also, sitting in the hot water and enjoying the massaging water jets can increase blood flow and relieve soreness, fatigue, muscle tension.

    Achieve Joint Comfort

    Once cool weather rolls around, it’s not uncommon for people to experience more pain and stiffness in their joints. Whether you have arthritis or suffered a joint injury in the past, using a hot tub this winter can help keep you comfortable. The warm temperature, water buoyancy, and massaging water jets can ease tension and soothe joints that are stiff and sore. For these reasons, soaking in a hot tub can be particularly beneficial for individuals who play sports or have arthritis, knee, or back pain.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Replacing Your Pool Liner

    Your pool liner is essential for maintaining the function and appearance of your above ground pool. Above ground pool liners in Birmingham, AL should only need replacement every seven to ten years, but the replacement should not be delayed for too long. Here is a brief look at why you should not put off replacing your above ground pool liner:

    • As your pool liner ages, its look will diminish greatly. Your pool will have a faded or dingy appearance that will make it unappealing to swim in. The longer your pool liner is not replaced, then it will continue to worsen in appearance.
    • If your pool liner ages beyond a safe time limit, then it could rip. If your pool liner rips, you could be looking at expensive repairs or costly leaks in your above ground pool.

    Once your pool liner rips from old age, the water and sanitizing chemicals could damage the rest of your pool’s structure. This could mean even more repairs or a replacement of your entire above ground pool.

    Pool Liner Replacement at AllStar Pool & Spa

  • Pool Exercises for Burning Calories

    Many people prefer swimming for exercise, because it offers a low-impact way to burn a maximum number of calories. Swim spas and small swimming pools near Birmingham, AL are perfect places to perform the exercises seen in the short video. Continue reading for a short breakdown of these simple exercises that can be done in a small swimming pool.

    • To work on the triceps, perform reps of modified push-ups from the wall of a small swimming pool.
    • To work on the core, head to a deeper end of the pool. Do several reps of a jump and knee tuck exercise. Only use the arms and hands for balance.
    • To work on the legs, arms, and core, try a knee-high run in the water. Make sure the arms are in motion with the legs to burn the maximum number of calories.