Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Replacing Your Pool Liner

Your pool liner is essential for maintaining the function and appearance of your above ground pool. Above ground pool liners in Birmingham, AL should only need replacement every seven to ten years, but the replacement should not be delayed for too long. Here is a brief look at why you should not put off replacing your above ground pool liner:

  • As your pool liner ages, its look will diminish greatly. Your pool will have a faded or dingy appearance that will make it unappealing to swim in. The longer your pool liner is not replaced, then it will continue to worsen in appearance.
  • If your pool liner ages beyond a safe time limit, then it could rip. If your pool liner rips, you could be looking at expensive repairs or costly leaks in your above ground pool.

Once your pool liner rips from old age, the water and sanitizing chemicals could damage the rest of your pool’s structure. This could mean even more repairs or a replacement of your entire above ground pool.

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